Need cartridge advice for an LP12

I've been assembling a analog front end and now am in search of a cartridge. I've got an LP12 with an Ekos arm and a Linto phono stage. The rest of my system is comprised of tube electronics. I have a $750 budget and was thinking about a Dynavector 20X low output. Anyone have any thoughts on the synergy? Any others that I should be looking at?

I am using an Troika on my table. You will find that Linn Carts sound best on Linn tables. In my opinion the Lyra carts are the runner up for compatibility with Linn Lp12 and Linto.
I have an LP12/ekos/lingo setup and a CAT pre. I have used several Benz cartridges and liked them all. I currently have a 'S M' and it's my favorite so far. probably a bit over your budget though...
I used the Dyna 20X on my Linn/Ekos before upgrading to the XX-2. Obviously, I felt it was a good combination. The Dyna works extremely well with the Linn and offers great price/performance ratio.
There are so many choices, it's hard to make the "best" choice without auditioning everything, a hopeless task. All I can say is that you won't be disappointed with the Dyna.
At a Linn factory tune-up workshop at a Linn dealer who had never heard the Linn with a Dyna, he was very impressed.
I was able to get a lightly used Linn Arkiv on Audiogon for under $750. Remember, when the Linto was originally made, Linn's best cartridge was the Arkiv. I did not have an immediate need to change my cartridge, though. I believe that another company made the cartridge-so that might be an avenue(used?)to explore. Dynavector cartridges are used on many people's LP 12's, but I would double-check to see if they mate well with your Linto(Linn, Naim, and Vinyl Engine have sites for these discussions).