Need DAC/Streaming Advice

I currently own a Bryston BDP-2 digital player that I run through a Bryston DAC.  As far as playing high resolution files via a thumb drive or other external drive, the BDP-2 sounds great.  The streaming part leaves a lot to be desired.  I can stream Tidal but it is extremely slow and the IPad controller is pretty lousy.  I can listen to Sonos through the DAC into my main system but obviously there is no hi-Rez via Sonos. I would like to find a better solution and am willing to start over (I can move the Bryston components to my secondary system).  What I would like to find is a higher end streamer for my main system that would allow me to stream Tidal, Spotify and Deezer if possible while also playing digital files via thumb drive etc. I have no idea if that can be done in a one box solution or if I would need a separate streamer and DAC.  I would very much appreciate any and all thoughts.  Thanks in advance.
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I haven’t picked up the BDP3-just got an email from the shop today saying it arrived.
is the Tidal app on your computer, or on theBDP-2?  Or do you access it it as a direct link from Manic Moose?
btw, Bryston has a users forum, you may want to scope it out if you haven’t already.
Does playing Tidal or any other service via AirPlay affect SQ? I’ve A/B using Apple TV direct connect to my Benchmark DAC and AirPlay and there is definite SQ compromise with AirPlay. 
Like others, I had a great deal of difficulty with connectivity of a Bluesound Node 2.  I think (hope, pray) that I’ve permanently solved that by putting an access point (google Wifi mesh) and connecting the Node via Ethernet.  It’s been stable since I made that change.  I have two Node 2’s in separate homes connected this way now.  For the price, Node 2/2i is a great device.

I also have an Aurender N100 in another system. To satisfy my curiousity, I  compared the Node 2 to my Aurender N100 going into the same DAC playing the same file and while streaming via Tidal.  On another post, I talk about how I did this and the cables used (turns out they’re pretty important).


1)  The DAC in the Node 2 is decent for the price, but is easily and significantly bested by my outboard DAC - which is no surprise given the significant cost differential.

2) the Node 2 is a great device as a streamer but is significantly bettered by the Aurender in every regard too. 

3) Aurender’s conductor app is significantly better than Bluesound app in every regard.  

4) Aurender conductor app is severely limited in that it only runs on an iPad.  This is a major frustration.  We have adult kids who don’t travel with iPads - so they can’t control an Aurender server - hence my use of the Bluesound Node 2 in two of these systems. 

My $.03 (inflation)
Thanks for posting that, mgrif
In the past, I didn’t think that there was much difference between Bluesound as a transport when I compared it with my Oppo 105 and my MacAir using Audirvana + when all played into the same DAC.  They didn’t sound identical, but I thought they were more or less equivalent.  After not using Bluesound for over a month due to connectivity issues, and now using it again, I do think that it is just a slight bit less transparent than the other two options I currently have for controlling my NAS.  My 0.03 on SQ