need electrical help with integrated amp

Hello, I recently purchased a Rega Elicit amplifier and when it arrived it would make a very soft static sound ONLY out of the right channel speaker and when i switch speaker connections the static sound would switch speakers. The static will turn into 15-20 second moments where the speaker will have a hiss(like a tape recorded really badly with no dolby sound reduction on a cheap cassette deck) and then it will subside. the his isn't effected by volume either. After a two hour listening session to see if it needed break in time, i turned it off. The next day when I turned it on the unit had an alarming very loud buzz that only came out of the right channel speaker outlet. When trying to work out a claim with the shipper the unit rested for a while. Before I mailed it back i tried to turn it on one more time and the alarming buzz stopped, but the static was still there. I assumed the unit got damaged in shipping somehow and a wire shook loose. I sent it to the authorized service man and he checked it out and gave it the ok, sounds great and i should be happy with it. I get it home take it out plug it in and the same static sound comes out of the right speaker channel. Do I need to reverse the polarity of the unit since it is made in England? Would this cause the right channel to discharge. The sound of the unit is beautiful and I want to treat it right so it will last a long time. I have eliminated speakers and the house wiring. Can someone offer specific estimations of the cause so I know some proper terms to use when discussing repair options again? Thanks for your time and consideration, Floyd. please email any help to
if you dont find find a cold solder joint,you could have a leaky capacitor on the driver board or the power supply.if you have a variac you could slowly bring up the power to check.but this his could just be a noisy cap causing ripple voltage.hope this helps you some.
try checking the circuit board in the amp (if you are technically inclined) for cold or loose solder joints. i have a Rega Brio that developed a bad joint AFTER i had the unit for three months! the sound it produced sounds VERY MUCH LIKE WHAT YOU HAVE DESCRIBED!!!