Need Expert Help for a Gift

I am not sure I am on the right board, but please direct me if I am not, I am new at this.

Hi All,
My husband is a HUGE audiophile, and spent more than I care to admit on equipment for our home entertainment system. I would like to purchase a docking station for the new IPOD Nano 16gb device (which is also part of the gift), but I am confused, since there are so many docking stations out there, and I could not possibly buy something he would think is inferior. Any advice would be appreciated. Specs you may need:

Onkyo Receiver (TX-NR905 bought last year)
Some ridiculously expensive speakers that sound the same to me as the ones you buy at Best Buy (but don't tell him that)

Additionally, I have read some reviews on docking stations, and it seems they require better cabling than the ones that come with it, so any additional cabling that might be suggested or required is really helpful!

Thank you for helping the non-audiophile!
It appears that the silver model is out-of-stock at Crutchfield. They do have black. If this is okay, use them - they are great to deal with and have free shipping.

If you want silver, order here:

They are good to deal with also.
As an audiophile, he would be thrilled with the Wadia.
If you make a purchase, tell the retailer it's a gift and ask if there's a return policy, just in case...
The Wadia is about $300 and any audio fool would be tickled to have one. Especially from his loving wife!
Please make friends with my wife. Please!
The Wadia ia a great unit that will be met with an audiophile's approval. In fact, I think he will be very impressed that you sourced out such a brand for him. Don't let him forget it because unless he's a cad, there should be a nice gift for you in the future because of it.

Of course, the danger of this is that he will want to upgrade his receiver to meet the standards of the Wadia and his ridiculously expensive speakers. By the way, out of curiosity, how much do you think speakers cost before they become ridiculously expensive?

By the way, out of curiosity, how much do you think speakers cost before they become ridiculously expensive?

Ha! - the "other side" won't give out that information! ;)
Guys - the Wadia is only good if it's attached to a good DAC. It doesn't have a DAC built in. She needs to determine if he already has a DAC, and if not, he'll have to get one. Maybe that's why it's the perfect present, cuz he can go shopping too!