Need feedback from Bryston amp owners

I'm thinking of buying the Bryston 3B SST amp. Does anyone have this amp or a comparable amp like the 4B SST? I heard they are strong in the low end (bass).
I've had the H/K Sigature series 2.1 and the 1.5 and can't find another amp like it i think 5x100 is not enough for my infinity's 7.1 series 2 spakers any comments on this equipament.
It has fuses, it doesn't have protection circuitry like my mid-fi stuff. There is no click off, click on. You have to do something pretty bad to stop it from working. There are fuses at the back AND inside. Didn't know that until she blew and I'm not screwing up the warranty by opening it up. Do fuses degrade sound quailty like breakers?P.S. I'm a biased CDN.
Look at the gauge of conductor in a fuse, the materials used in a fuse and then compare that to what you're trying to pass signal through the rest of the way. Having said that, yes, fuses in the signal path do degrade the sonics of a product. Breakers do too. Sean
Those original "B-ST" series power amps still sound good to these ears.
The newest (cubed) series will certainly present more refined sound/presentation.