Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .

I am in dire need of a power cord with flex for an sub. I have some good Shunyata, ZU, Audio Art and Acoustic Zen cord but only my ZU Mother has any flex and its length is needed for my amp .Only good place for GalloTR1 sub precludes a "stiffy " .
In 300-500 $  new or used range at most .
Does anyone know if  cheapest Shunyata   has any flex ?
I have used many but Wywires juice always make it back in my system - they are keepers.  They are very flexible, I use them on Mcintosh 501's and Allnic 3000 phono amp.  They are in your price range.

I have found that WireWorld silver electra's are pretty flexible. I do prefer the AZ Guargantua II ( not flexible) and AZ Krakatoa's for better sound.
How long do you need Shubert. Power plus from dh labs is very good, flexible and reasonably priced. You can also get it from parts connexion in Ottawa Canada. 

Jena Labs Ferrite would be a good choice. Well made, flexible and good sounding.