Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers

I’ll try to be brief, although it’s not my strong suit..😁 I sold my pair of Altec 19 speakers a long time ago. I was the original owner, and their sheer size just didn’t work out at the time. I’ve been infatuated with audio equipment since I was a young lad, so after selling the Altec’s, I went on a long journey to replace them. Magnepan’s, Martin Logan’s, Thiel’s, Legacy Audio, Von Schweikert, Focal, and the list goes on and on. None of them have been able to recreate the magic of those 19’s.

I actually custom made a pair of speakers with a Great Plains 604 coax driver, but never could get the crossovers right, so I sold them. I now have a pair of Focal’s that are great, but they just don’t have that Altec 19 personality.

I’d love to have a pair of Avantgarde’s, but they’re well out of my current budget. I still don’t have the space for another pair of 19’s unfortunately. So the question is, what speakers should I be looking at that might have a similar character in a smaller package? I’ve not been actively engaged in the hobby for around 6 years, and I see what seem like hundred’s of new speakers/companies that have entered the market. I have to be overlooking quite a bit, so is there anything out there that I should consider? Would more of a professional type speaker be something to consider? 

Any input/guidance would be most appreciated. I was actually wondering if something like Zu Audio would fit the bill, but have read mixed reviews. As you can tell by my love of the Altec 19’s, extreme "accuracy" isn’t important. They just sounded like live music more than just about any speaker I’ve ever heard. That’s what I’m looking for. 




I scanned the posts and don't see what amplification you are using to know your flexibility on efficiency level.  I have been loving my Wilson Sophia 1 for about 5 years.  They do everything right with a very natural, musical and easy to listen to sound.  I have heard some say this series is bright but that has not been my experience at all.  

If you don’t mind a very small amount of assembly, you should check in the Pure Audio Project Trio 15.

Pure Audio Project

The enclosure bolts together, then drivers are mounted and wired up. All with tools included.

Besides saving a bit of money on shipping and labor, the advantage is, upgradeability. There are different mid tweeter drivers, different crossovers, that can be changed and upgraded. 

They are open baffle, so they create a huge, open, live sounding soundstage. But they are also capable of pinpoint imaging. And 96db.

These are $80000.00


Trio 15


Or at $10,000.00 the Quintet 10.