need help breaking in speaker cables

i want to break in two pair of speaker cables. i could connect them to my stereo system, but i don't want to leave a tube amp on for over 100 hours at a time.

is there a device, other than the audio darma which can efficiently pass a signal through a speaker cable, without using a stereo system for this purpose ?
It seems you could benefit from using one of the many cable cooking services that exist, that is if you require instant gratification at low cost. BTW, if the cables sound the same when you get them back, don't blame the cooking service ;--)

2nd choice is using a break-in disc like the one from Purist, every time you leave the house for an hour or two, and it'll be done in just a few hours.

3rd choice is just let nature take its course and do nothing.

Frankly, unless you have a powerful amp, inefficient speakers, and play your system loud, "in system" break-in can never do the job as thoroughly as a cable cooker can. The real question is will it make a difference? Personally, I think the answer depends on the cables in question and what kind of materials went into their manufacture (rather than what they cost.)

If you have a HT with adequate terminations, put them there and use the receiver/processor to do the job, this way you shorten the time with your precious tubed gear. No need to turn on the TV or projector.
Buy something like a Sonic T amp and some cheap speakers and use that as a break in.
Experiencing the break in is part of the enjoyment. How else can you determine whether or not fully broken in cables sound "better" than before the process if you don't monitor the change. Have you never thought a component sounded worse after break in?