Need help buying new speaker cable

My Tara Labs Apollo speaker cable broke at the negative terminal end.  I will need to replace them.  What cables would you recommend?  I would like to know what cables out there would be comparable.  I would like to upgrade but they need to be affordable. A local dealer recommended Audioquest Robin Hood’s but they cost $2,000.  I just can’t spend that much money.  I am looking at Audioquest Rocket 88’s for $1,150.  Any ideas?  I would also like to know what the sound difference be compared to my Appolo’s?  I still have a difficult time you can hear a sound difference between one cable and another.  
Many cable-geeks do not look inside their speakers to see what cables they have there. They may spend a fortune on cables that they hook up to very cheap internal wiring. Placebo-galore.
According to the tech people on the recent Inspiration 4 All Civilian mission to space, as well as the NASA tech people, the only wiring they use in crucial applications in space is a mil-spec branded wire from a company called Analysis Plus, with the specific product line being the “Big Silver Oval Audio Cables.”  From experience I can tell you they are superlative here on earth, too.
If you like your current cables have them refitted.

Otherwise, all the brands mentioned our reputable. All cables including power, speaker and interconnects are important and there are vast differences between them if one knows what to listen for and differentiate. However, all marketing crap is just that. These all have to be put in your system and listened to. 
What I can't figure out is why it drives people so batty that some people want to spend money on cables?

"Show me some engineering data that that wine you paid $60 for at the restaurant was really worth it."

See how ridiculous that sounds? We know there's mark up and we enjoy it anyway. Thing with cables is, there may actually be a difference that people can hear with more expensive cables and the mark up is worth it.

So, either there is no difference between cables -- and people like to pay more and enjoy the illusion.
Or there is a difference between cables, and people like to pay more and enjoy the reality.

Either way, those trying to "save" the cable spenders need to relocate their charitable efforts to people with actual problems, not first world discretionary spending problems. FFS, do some good where it's needed.
I think you can repair this yourself. Straightwire sells those ZBanana ends. Also, Straightwire has very nice cables that dont