Need help choosing a new CD Player

I consider myself new to this hobby although I have dabbled a bit over the past 30 years or so.  Recently purchased a McIntosh MA252 integrated and have a set of B&W Matrix speakers (1985 - 1989 vintage) that sound pretty good .  Looking for a CD player (prefer under $1000) to replace my current Samsung DVD player.   I primarily listen to classic rock and some classical.

For this price range am looking at the following:

Marantz CD6007

Rotel CD11 Tribute or CD 14

Pro-Ject CDBox S2 Chrome

My listening room is a little odd shaped (11x 16, bay window at one end and glass wall at the other end) and I have to listen across the shorter distance due to the room configuration.

Eventually will upgrade the speakers, but for now need a CD player

Would appreciate some advice on a decent quality CD player (at this time, not interested in a CDT and DAC setup).   Thanks in advance.






Come on, people, the OP stated he doesn't want a dac-transport, or a streamer, but a good old fashioned CD player.  Sony, Marantz, Yamaha, NAD, Rega all make players in the $1k range.  Suggest you find a dealer who sells and see if you can do a home audition

Had a Sony X303-ES CDP that I enjoyed for 25 years but it was starting to show its age and parts were no longer available. Replaced it with a Marantz CD6006 and very happy with my decision. A very musical presentation that's easy on the ears.

I have switched between Marantz and Yamaha CD players for years. The Marantz CD6007 is a fantastic choice below $1000. Great sound and great quality. The Yamaha CD-S1000 is a also a really good choice (also plays SACD), but it’s right above your budget.

Between what you have listed I personally would choose the Marantz. I think their CD players work well with McIntosh gear.