Need help choosing a new DAC

With so many options for DACs these days, I'm having a hard time deciding on a new DAC.  Currently considering a MHDT Orchid or Pagoda, Denafrips Pontus II, Benchmark DAC3,  Schitt Yggdrasil, or Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE.  I don't need any options such as volume control, BT, or MQA.  I also prefer musicality over measurements.  I'm currently using a SMSL SU-9, which will be moved over to my office system.  I'm tired of moving it back and forth between systems. My bank account prefers the cost of the Orchid since the other options cost up to twice as much, but I can go as high as $2500.  I mostly steam Qobuz thru a Raspberry Pi 4, but also use a Cambridge Audio CXC v2 CD transport on occasion.  My preamp is a Don Sachs DS2 tube preamp going into a D-Sonic m3a-1200s amp feeding "Gunned" MMGs.  I mostly listen to the Grateful Dead, rock, jazz, and acoustic music. Which DAC should I get and are the any others I should look at? 


@thebingster I have been reading up on the La Voce S3 and it definitely is a great DAC.  New, it is way more than I want to spend. Your price is more to my liking. 

Marlin38 and Terrapin77. I love my Arcam FMJ 23 HDCD player. I was in need of a second DAC and demoed a highly regarded Wadia ( about three years ago.) cost at $4800. I spent two weeks with it comparing to my Arcam which cost about $2300 new. I sent the Wadia packing, found a used Arcam FMJ 23 HDCD and am so happy. Was not a value decision, the Arcam blew the Wadia away, despite half the price. My previous DAC was Enlightened Audio w a Proceed transport. The Enlightened was great for shitty recordings, but when the Dead starting releasing HDCD, I went for the Arcam..Check out the reviews on this Arcam. It’s a shame that new DAC are not available decoding HDCD. 

I 2nd the Musician Pegasus. Contact Rob at AudioArt Cables. I think it comes with a 1 week trial period so you can check it out.

@52356 I just did a Google search for HDCD and it looks like HDCD decoding has been reversed engineered.  You can now rip a HDCD using a plugin and play it through a modern DAC.  I'm going to give it a try tomorrow on the 2/26/77 Dave's Picks

Merason , Sonnet should definitely be on your short list. I looked at both and very impressed