Need help choosing preamp

\Need help in choosing a preamp for my 2 channel system. I have a 500.00$ limit. My set up is as follows. Odyssey Stratos, Denon 3700 cd/dvd player, Monitor Audio speakers. musical taste- Beatles, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earl and the Miller's and good old 60's and 70's rock. Thanks to those who reply.
I also have an Odyssey amp and use a tube preamp, an ARC SP9MkIII. I think that the suggestion of a Conrad Johnson PV10 is excellent. They are outstanding products and would compliment your system. You should be able to get one for between $500-$600. If you can find one without a phono stage(PV10L) you may get it cheaper. Consider ARC preamps as well.
Look at a conradjohnson PF 1 its solid state. I have seen them sold on here as cheap as $300.00.
CJ PV12. A slightly better soundstage than the PV10. I would offer you mine, but I have a buyer lined up right now.
Great suggestions, thus far. I used a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 which I bought used from Jeff at Jeff's Sound Values. I had it for about two-and-a-half years and it was wonderful! It was accompanied by components similar to yours, Acoustat TNT-200 solid state amp, Marantz CC65SE, Platinum Audio Solos. I recently (45 days ago?) traded my SFL-1 back to Jeff. He had it listed for $495, right in your price range. Plus it was equipped with a Mullard NOS tube from Upscale Audio. A GREAT improvement.

At the time that I bought my SFL-1, I also considered the CJ PV10 that's been recommended as well as the Melos SHA1, but I've heard some terrible stories about their reliability and lack of customer support (are they even still around?). If you go with the Anthem, look for the Pre1L instead of the Pre2L. It's less expensive and sounds better.

Good luck. I don't think you could go wrong with any of these great pieces. Tube pre-amp with a solid state amp is a great combo.