Need help finding a phono/preamp

Getting into vinyl and using stuff I have and so far have bought.
Pioneer PL-550 turntable
nagaoka mp 110
Active krk rokit 6 g3

What phono/preamp would best go with my setup thx, I can also mention I know preamps can cost crazy amounts so my range is say max 500
I would highly recommend the 110 LP V2 from simaudio. Under $500, multiple adjustments to fit any cartridge. I love the sound of mine with my VPI Classic 1 table and Lyra Kleos cart.
The Parks Puffin deserves its own discussion. I have one of those with my pro-ject table strictly for poorly recorded albums. Great way to improve any sound that needs it. Lacking treble, midrange or bass, no problem. Cool gizmo regardless that it is going through a sort of digital equalizer before it comes out analog again.
If you're not opposed to looking at used equipment, check into the Graham Slee brand. I use one with a Pioneer PL-530 table and the result is very good. One thing about the Slee line that really makes them shine is the use of their dedicated power supply (PSU1). That may push your budget a bit but there are units out there if you search enough.