Need Help identifying late husbands Stereo components Infinity Beta speakers

In search of help, my husband passed away last November. His Stereo is here, and disconnected. Our daughters do not want, and I am not an Audiophile. I have pictures of the system. The Infinity Beta speakers are the old huge ones, and I have the original boxes, threshold preamp, and other parts. There is a plethora of remotes. Not sure where to start with identification and where the best site to sell is. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
Thank you all for your help, here is list of components.
beta speakers, I have the original boxes. Stored in heated insulated barn.
threshhold DAC 1/e digital processor
infinity IRS Servo  
BK M-200
ADCOM 5800
ADCOM 5802
Threshold T-2 preamp
Threshold DC power source e
threshold serial number 09411 this looks like the DC power source, but is bigger and heavier. 

Then there is is a plethora of remotes, I have a forte remote but I am not sure which component it belongs to. There are other components in the storage room too. 

I am weary of craigslist, as in my area it is mostly low end items.
we are in Michigan north of Detroit. 
I truly appreciate your  help. This is very hard to do. He only taught me how to use the home theater, I have no idea how to even turn on this system. As we only have one child still at home I am looking to downsize. 
Thank you all.

I would contact Saturday Audio in Chicago.  They definitely can move this gear and are really nice guys.  Call or email them with this list.  I'm sure they can sell it for more than you can.  It will be well worth paying someone to drive it to Chicago.
you may want to contact Harry at Audio Dimensions in Birmingham, Michigan.

He has been there 40 yrs and is a good guy I am not sure if he would be willing to help but may be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck and my condolences 

Dear audiophilewidow,

I truly am sorry for your loss and how confusing all of the equipment audiophiles possess can be!  Sounds like philijet and elevick have ideas worth pursuing.  I wish you the best!

To the rest of us,

I've been thinking about this for some time, not just as regards stereo gear but other tasks that we attend to around the house that our spouses may not be fully aware of.  I realize it's no fun to anticipate your own eventual demise but inevitability is hard to escape.

I foresee myself sitting at the computer in the near future laying out directions/suggestions for all of these concerns for those who will survive me.  
Dear HIfiman5, please do write down a detailed list and directions. My husband taught me how to turn on the home theater, but not where to plug in an iPod on the surround unit.  He was a computer engineer, and worked his magic to create sound for us to enjoy.  he died unexpectedly from an aortic aneurysm. He had a stressful day at work. He called me and asked me to turn on the preamp. Came home and went to decompress listening to Claus Schulze Dresden performance part 4. His suit coat is still on the chair in front of his Stereo. He died in his chair, listening to a favorite piece of music. While I appreciate the fact he passed without pain in his Audiophile space, I can not bear to enter the lower level, seeing the speakers along the wall. His sound panels designed to eliminate the echo. This is another reason why we have decided to sell. 
Thank you all for your help. It is truly appreciated.