Need Help Optimizing PC Audio

So currently my PC is hooked up in my living room to my Marantz Receiver via HDMI. I use my OLED tv as a pc monitor and television. I almost exclusively listen to music via MPC-HC on my pc. All of my files are FLAC. I'm wondering if I need to consider a DAC or something between the PC and the Marantz to get even better quality playback. I'm not really sure I totally understand how this would all work and I would love some advice. Thanks


Yes you are on the right track, a DAC is whats needed. Getting rid of the electrical (HDMI) connection to the receiver is critical for better SQ. Sending a optical cable from the PC disconnects ALL noise. Finding a DAC with optical input and HDMI or RCA audio out is the way to go.


Matt M

Thanks for the info Matt. So how would I transmit video as well as audio to the single hdmi port on the receiver? If the optical cable goes to the DAC and then an hdmi to the receiver, how do I get the video signal? I’m just a little confused as to how all of the hookups would go and still allow me to use the pc to watch movies, etc. Also, what if I don’t have an optical out on my pc? I don’t see one unless I’m missing it. Would I just need to buy a soundcard? Also, I read that optical can’t do Atmos which is how I watch a lot of movies on the PC. Is that true? I also read people saying to use USB to the DAC, which confuses me a bit. Anyway thanks again for the help.

I use a Sony Blueray player that will play every file imaginable to my video display and Marantz processor. You can stream your FLAC files via DLNA. It also has an upmixer (DSEE) that upmixes files to hirez if you prefer. Check out:


Which Marantz?

Do you think, if this step is successful you may want to take more steps? What kind of speakers?


If we can get the bigger picture… we can probably be of more help.

@ghdprentice It’s a Marantz SR6013. I’m currently upgrading my towers/center to Focal Aria or Kantas most likely in the next few weeks. I’m also installing a power conditioner and a direct 20amp line for the amps. Is there a DAC that I can just go HDMI in and HDMI out or is that not a thing? Thanks for all the help.