Need help picking my first tube amp

Hey guys i want to get into tubes, i have heard wayyyyyyy to much and am dying to try a tube amp.  I have a budget of 650 us dollars, not sure if i want a pre amp, or full tube amp.   Im thinking pre amp cause i would really like it to drive headphones and then run it into a amp and then to speakers.

Been reading alot about Chineese tube amps and not sure what to think.  I have my eye on Xduoo TA-26 gets rave reviews has anybody used it ?  anyways looking for any input i can get, thanks.




I had the Xiangsheng 728A preamp, a Chinese product. Once I worked through a couple of quality control issues, it was a workable tube amp. I didn't notice glaring defects in the sound, nor did I hear any notable excellence from it.

I went to a Van Alstine Transcendence RB 10 tube preamp, around $1000. By comparison, the sound is accurate yet not oversharp like some solid state preamps. All in all, a delight to listen with.


Watch from of Thomas and Stereo reviews - he does a great job and most of his offshore amps are below $1k.



Chinese tube amps are good. Many mainstream manufactures like PrimaLuna are made in China. No worries. I'll look for a basic push-pull EL34 tube integrated that is hard wired because the circuit design is simple and repairs are as well down the road.

Yeah I actually watch his reviews he's very good and I've been looking at some of those amps but I need to have a headphone jack too.