Need help - Set up Helikon using test LP

Over the weekend, I was setting up my Helikon on a Vpi JMW 10.5 arm using the Hifi News test LP and I ran into some problems. The table was a Vpi Aries.

There are four tracks (6 to 9) on the test LP to help setting up the anti-skate. They are 300Hz pure tones. Each track is a few db louder than the one before.

I played the lowest level track (track 6) and it was fine. The 300Hz tone was beautifully reproduced on both channels with equal loudness.

I than played the next louder track (track 7). The right channel immediately buzzed, indicating the need for anti-skate adjustments. I tried twisting the arm leads both clockwise and counterclockwise, one turn at a time, up to 3 turns; but the right channel buzz still persisted.

I also played the track 8, which is a few db louder than track 7. This time the right channel buzzed loudly for a couple of seconds and it jumped track.

The Aries has been perfectly leveled. I checked it with a bubble level and a 10” carpenter level.

The tracking force was set at between 1.75g and 1.80g; it is difficult to be exact due to the limited resolution of the Shure gauge. But in any case, it is at the maximum recommended value so I doubt that was the cause.

The arm was running dry, no damping oil added.

Has anyone tried this? Any help/comments will be greatly appreciated.
Well, my copy of the test LP is off centered only slightly. I doubt it will cause the kind of buzzing I experienced. I am going to give VPI a call and will post a follow-up here if I find out anything.

BTW, despite the setup problem, the Helikon sounds very detailed and musical. I just love its layered soundstage and mid-range. My records from the 70's have never sounded so good. It is a little bright but I hope it will go away after break-in. I only have about 10 hours on it.
Sid...give the Helikon some time to break in.....It's going to get better!!!! And, yes, keep us posted!
The brightness of your Helikon will not go away. Helikon is a very revealing cartridge. Analytical and detail but I would not use warm and musical to describe it. Shouldn't use it with gears like Wilson or German Physics. Sonus Faber or Vienna may be better choices.
The brightness WILL get less and finally be gone. It takes time...about fifty and more hours was my experience. (Goldmund Ref, heavily mod. Souther lin.tracking arm, XLO limited edition cabling, Aethetics IO, Jadis 200,Jadis 500, Gryphon, Spectral amps to Quads, Sound Lab, Stax F1 and Plasma tweeters)
I just tested my Helikon using the HiFi News LP. I have a JMW-10 arm that has a 10.5 arm tube and bearing.

My results were similar -- except I also got buzzing on track 6.

Regardless, the cartridge sounds incredible. I have had mine for about two months.