Need help with a Tube Preamp under $3000

Hello, I have a Bryston 3BST 2 channel amp, connected with Bryston XLR cables to a BP20 Bryston Pre amp. Today the majority of my music listening is with a Wadia itransport (coaxial) and a DAC majic by Cambridge Audio (XLR). Before buying my Maggies I had heard the Magnepan 1.6QR being played through on a Vintage CJ tube preamp & Sansui Solid state receiver. I absolutely loved the warmth of the music even with my ipod as the source hooked up through an RCA cable from the headset Jack. I would like a big sound stage for my Classical, Jazz, Movie Soundtracks and Opera listening pleasures. So what would be a good match for Bryston and a Tube Pre amp and my Magnepan speakers. My system is also connected to a Martin Logan Abyss Subwoofer for some added bass beyond the 1.6QR range of 40Hz.Nordost Speaker wires.

What would you folks recommend as NEW Tube Preamp around $3000 ???
I've owned the VTL 2.5 which is a nice preamp but it's not in the same league as the Doge 8 Clarity.
The JE Audio preamp selling at $1900 seems like an absolute steal

Good Listening

while not owning a 3B-ST I have paired a number of tubed preamps to larger Bryston amps (4B-SST/14B-SST/7B-SST2). Hovland HP-100, Rogue Magnum 99, Audio Horizon, ARC LS-26 & Ref 3, Lamm L2 Ref and LL2 Deluxe (I think I got them all).

Of the units that are in your budget range (some of which have to be bought used) the Hovland was very good, not as "tubey" as the Rogue but offered up more detail. The LL2 Deluxe, IMHO, was the best of the lot - a hint of warmth (you can tube roll to adjust to taste) and presented the best overall presentation - soundstage beyond the speakers and as much detail as the Hovland. I think of all the tubed preamps I have owned it offered the best bang for the buck.

Just my experience, YMMV
Take a long look at the Audio Space Line-2. I went through several pre's after hooking up my Maggies until I landed on this one. It is an absolute game-changer. I ran the stock tubes for quite a while with no complaints. I then changed over to some tung sols and so no appreciable improvement. Last week went to some NOS Mullards and Siemens.....minor improvement (verdict: the units sounds excellent out of the box!). Regardless of what you do, you must demo in your system....way too many variables to say what sounds best in your system. For those interested in why I like it so much: Of all the pre's I tried, it had the best combo of gain and detail but not harsh. It was also the quietest pre I demo'ed at any price. An absolute black background, with an immediacy that can actually startle some people.
Thank you for everyone's responses. I have been researching some of your answers. One company I came across is out of BC Canada "SpaceTech Labs". The man made a few recommendations to improve my system. A tube preamp obviously but he also said that a Buffer between my DAC Magic and Bryston PRE AMP would improve the sound by 80-100%. I am not at all familiar with Buffers. Does anyone have any comments or technical view on Buffers? Thank you in advance