Need Help With Building DIY Grounding Cable


I am planning to build a DIY grounding box. I am planning to connect my DAC and Integrated amp to this grounding box by connectig the unused RCA input terminals on the both. For this I need to create two cables with Banana at one end and RCA at the other end so that I can connect them via speaker binding post on grounding box.

I need help with how & where to attach (solder) the cable on RCA socket.

I also need help in understanding if I can connect both L & R RCA input sockets on same amp to same grounding box (assuming I am going to solder the wire on the shell/-ve part of RCA connector)? Also Can I similarly connect all unused inputs on DAC/Amp to grounding box.

I understand attaching multiple inputs to grounding box is not going to amplify the effect & I just want to do it for protection of those input terminals.




@tksteingraber Thank you for your response. Yes I am going to connect the bnana plug to the shell/-ve of RCA plug leaving the center pin as it is.  I saw the photos and desription of your ground box, it surely looks nice.

Just remember signal ground and chassis ground are not the same. If you components are balanced be very careful. Typically the neg on the RCA or the outer circle is the only thing connected to ground as long as the components are not XLR/ balanced. 

@hsounds my components are not balanced and I am not using any balanced input to attach the ground box, it will be only to the unused unbalnced inputs on DAC and integrated amp. Thanks for the caution.