need help with outdoor system

hi. my wife and I just bought a hot tub, and I'm wondering what solutions other audiogon'rs have found for outdoor music systems. we want music out there and I'd like to control it from my iPad, I have a water resistant cover for it. one of my friends has suggested I just buy an iPod dock and be done with it, but I'm looking for a more sophisticated solution. I have a denon AVR that will run two zones, but I'm reluctant to punch holes in my wall to run wire outside. I've also heard that outdoor speakers don't last, but I think def tech has sine decent offerings. thanks in advance.
Given the nature of this web site, can you clarify something? Are you going for really good, audiophile type sound quality or do you just need to get music outside for something to listen to? Also, since the speakers will be outside, how much bass you want can play a big factor since its not an enclosed space.
If you have a server/DAC set up, you can run it through your AVR in zone 2 (most zone 2 configurations require an analogue input.)In my situation, I have a Wyred4Sound Music Server (that is controlled via IPad or Ipod), which runs via coax to my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC 2 and then to my Pass Labs preamp and Burson headphone amp. Since my PS Audio DAC had two outputs, which already were being used, I bought a little Arcam r-link DAC and ran the optical output from my server to the Arcam R-link DAC and then to the receiver for zone 2, which controls the outdoor speakers. I have outdoor speakers that are hardwired (Paradigm), and I hired a professional to install the wiring in the walls/ceiling. Don't have any suggestions on wireless configuration for outdoor speakers. Another possible suggestion is that some companies make DACs now for the IPOD products (e.g., Cypher, Wadia.) If you rip your CDs in iTunes using Apple Lossless and then output to the DAC to the receiver, that would be pretty good for an outdoor set up. I currently use the Cypher R-Solo for portable headphone listening when on the road.
I've heard some terrific outdoors loudspeakers from a company called Terra Speakers. (I've no connection or affiliation with them.) Plus, they're designed and made in Maine so it's fair to assume they can handle rain, snow, cold, etc., etc.
I would simply purchase something like the B&W Zeppelin and be done with it...