need help with rca cables

just went to tube preamp and have to run rca cable 3 foot is enough,all my other cords were balanced,tara labs the one and air one,,want a differ brand and dont have a clue,made some diy but i know i can do better,,please help with a good match,im running ming da mc7r to legacy monos
Why not stick with Tara Labs if that's what works for you, or are you wanting to venture off into new territory?

If you want to go the do it yourself route, there are dozens of web sites that discuss construction methods, some even have photo's.

I remember some time back there was discussion here at Audiogon about a DIY cable that used bare magnet wire. I recall some respondents thought it was way better than just acceptable.

The best part is, the stuff is DIRT cheap. If you don't like it use it to hook up your computer speakers or something and you get some construction experience.
not happy with tara labs and there service right my post i have done alot of diy dont want to go there,
I'm not sure this will help you but I've been pretty impressed with RSAD Poeima!!! cables of late. Also, I am going to be trying the new Oritek cables that seem to have developed a following.
I converted from the high priced brands years ago. Pure Note is another option for you. Excellent products and service.