Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII

Giving up on the SET amps.  I don't want to replace another expensive tube and the heat from 805 tubes is a warm weather deal breaker.  Considering the Pass XA25 but maybe the Gamut and its higher power rating would be a better option and allow a greater range of speakers to be used.  Can anyone comment on how the Gamuts compare to the XA25 in terms of detail retrieval and transparency (and any sonic differences).  Many thanks!
I have a pass labs xa25. I cannot compare it to the amp you are considering. I have not heard it.  Though the xa25 does not get too hot at all. 
It shines in midrange, it’s warm, very quiet, and forgiving with poorly mastered cds. I can only advise regarding the xa25 that you do not utilize  oversized spades on the amp side. They only partially fit. Also a speaker cable of silver and copper 50/50 reveals more detail. All copper and it might sound a bit flat. I’m running them with special 40s in a very small living room. Works well for me. 
Best luck!
Pass XA25: exceptional amp, but like reggae, they are Hot Hot Hot. Good choice for Canadians and Alaskans.
I just picked up a used DEMO set of Simaudio MOON 740P (Pre Amp)860A (Amp)- for about $15k. I was afraid of heat from the PASS, and couldn't afford the Luxman 900. The Simaudio makes my KEF REFERENCE 5's sing. Great clear soundstage.

I have been running the pair non-stop for 48 hours (burning in new cables). The pre-amp is COOL and the amp is warm, but certainly not HOT. They are built like tanks and come with a 10yr warranty.

I was told (by a dealer) that the Simaudio gear is better with KEF than GamuT, but there is a listing for a GamuT amp/pre-amp on Audiogon now, from Audio Vision in SF. Steal of a deal if GamuT works for you.
I also have a complete Simaudio system and it is really really nice. I recommend them as well. 740 preamp, 860 amp, 780 streamer/DAC