Need Impressions of SoundKaos Vox

Hello All,
This is my first post here on Audiogon. I have been very intrigued by SoundKaos Vox 3 speakers (both 3F and 3A). Since there aren't many reviews or discussions out there, I would like to know if any of you members own any of these (Vox 3a or 3f) speakers or have auditioned them/heard them for good amount of time. In case if you do, then also please let me know of the chain that was used with them and any comparison to other speakers that you may have owned previously or heard.
Looking forward to hearing from someone.
so I managed to get review from one member in other website who had heard them at the same show. Below is the link to that mini review.


I'd forgotten I heard these at the Cali Audio Show, but found the picture I took of them on July 26, 2019.  They were good for monitors.  Maybe a bit thuddy or thick in the lower mids.  That could have been the rest of the system rather than the speakers though.  Overall, it was a good room.  Better than many.  I'd probably go for the upgraded wide bander though.  

Ok, so I took a plunge in the month of October & got the speakers, Vox 3afw. I have written a mini review/impressions on a separate thread below.


Congratulations on your new speakers.  I heard them in the Old Forge Audio room at the audio show in 2019.  They were the original 3Fs, and they were sitting on some substitute aftermarket stands because the proprietary stands had been damaged in shipment to the show.  It was one of my favorite rooms.

Incredible speakers — so dynamic and engaging, in such a small box.  I really wanted to own them, but I had already purchased Boenicke W5s several months earlier.  And now you have the new model with all the added refinements.  Would love to hear then one day with my Enleum AMP 23R.  Enjoy!

@randyk you said it correctly..they are very dynamic and engaging in a tiny package...if you have a small room like me, I think this can very well be last speaker you need.