Need insight on these amps

I just sold my power amp and a few other components. Looking to buy a first class amplifier for my Platinum Audio Solos which are a difficult load but I like the way they sound. Right now I see the following amps available in different websites:
1) Krell FPB 300
2) ARC D-400
3) ARC 300.2

I would like to hear from anyone who have heard these amps in the past what is their opinion on them. I'll be using a tube preamplifier. I'm also open to suggestions on amps that retain their value over time. Thanks in advance for your time.

First off like everyone has suggested, you have to try in your own system.  A number of years ago I heard an all Krell system with Sonus Faber Cremona speakers and it was breathtaking.  ARC products are decent but IMO there are better options.  I used a Krell KAV-250 on my Alon V MKII speakers with good results at one time.  As I am not familiar with your speakers, it is hard to know how they sound and how your other components match together.  Even a used Rowland M-112 is a good little amp that has a sweet mid-range.  Too many options without knowing your speakers.  Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.


audiogabby OP

The Solo’s are not too hard to drive, but with the climbing treble response 5db up at 20k, I’d be more inclined to go with tubes if out of the 3 amps you put up have them.

Cheers George
So your assessment of the OP's "problem" and advice to the OP is based solely on your referencing someone else's review? None of this is based on your first-hand experience? And your advice is simply "sell everything and buy something else with good reviews"??? No one needs input from a message board for that.
Yes, my advice is to start over, too many times guys throw good money trying to fix something that can't be fixed. JA was being polite in his Stereophile review.  Those speakers are easy to drive, so there shouldn't be that much of an issue with any decent amp.
My message was to give OP something else to think about, which he's stated he's happy with the speakers, so that's fine. All the best to him.
Outstanding advice on the big BAT amps.  They are a pain to deal with due to size and mass, but wow, what a great product.  Keep your eyes out for the 600 stereo amp.  I am wanting one of these myself and pass on the 600 mono amps I have.  Simply outstanding, powerful, bold, dynamic presentation.
We have a demo Vk 255Se which is a current BAT amplifier and unless you play super loud or your speakers are power hogs this will be a fantastic amplifier for you. 

We are no longer selling BAT so the price is really good, it has been barely used so it would be a great amp for you and the sound quality is exceptional way better than the older amplifiers you have on your list.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ