Need Interconnect Advice

Here is my current system.

Qinpu A3 tube/solid state hybrid integrated amp
Jamo C601 bookshelf speakers
Cambridge Audio CD player
AudioQuest Type 4 speaker cables

Talked to a couple of people on another board and one highly recommended Kimber Kable - Hero Interconnect - Ultraplate Black RCA's.

Did some research on these and I don't know if they will match up well with my current system. The Jamo speakers run a bit warm on the lower midrange and bass is quite deep and can even be boomy at times despite being a small speaker. I just added a Pangea AC 14SE cable and that has helped to tame the boomy bass in songs that have that problem. I've read the Hero is a bit heavy in the lower midrange and bass quality though it certainly should help tighten the bass. I guess I am most concerned that if the Hero is a bit warm on the lower midrange like the speakers it may create a sound I don't want. Also more than one person said that the Hero also does not separate instruments very well and has a limited sound stage area.

I guess what I want in a cable is the following:

Neutral mid range and high end
Tightens boomy bass tracks
Separation of instruments in songs or CD's that are poorly produced.

What can anyone recommend that has most or all of these attributes for less than $200 for an 18 inch pair with RCA connectors on both ends?
I would try a pair of Anti-Cables and see how they work for you. Very good, inexpensive, surprising performance.
Find a pair of good used AQ Jaguars. You should have no problem finding a pair for less than $200. It hasn’t changed that much to what AQ is currently selling to replace it. I have a few pairs myself that I use with some very expensive equipment. Its a true high end cable and it has really good shielding. Also, it will sound good with just about anything.
Thanks for the tips. Just ordered the Audio Art IC-3 today because they are on sale and had free shipping. Will need another pair of interconnects in the near future for a second system that I plan to build. Will look at these other cables that have been mentioned as well.

I've learned that some recordings will see more improvement with certain cables while others will sound better with a different cable. That being the case, a second system with cables that have different attributes from the IC-3 and also the Pangea power cable will be built.