Need longer run power cable for rel subwoofer


I am acquiring pair of REL S5 SHO subwoofers and want to connect both power cables to my power conditioner.

To reach the power conditioner outlet for one of the subs farthest away need a long power cable 10-12 feet....can anyone recommend such a cable....the subs are class D but am I right to assume that alower gauge is better perhaps 10gauge?

I could connect power cable that will come with the sub to outlet instead but have found that even my amp sounds better thru the synergistic research power conditioner
I purchased a 3-meter Shunyata "Venom" HC (high-current) PC for my power conditioner. I think it sounds good. Was a special order and cost $500.
I'd look at one of these, very well made cable 9 AWG for excellent current flow. I'm using one for my amp into my PS Audio PPP and hear a noticeable difference.
Contact Patrick Cullen at Cullen Cables.  He can give you advice and make up exactly the cable you need.