Need New MM Cartridge Recommendation

Hello All!

I need a recommendation on a new moving magnet phono cartridge. 

Here's my system:

Roksan Radius 5 (I think MK1 or 2) turntable 
Creek Evolution 100A integrated amplifier with Creek Sequel MM board
PSB Imagine T2 loudspeakers 

The Roksan came with a Roksan Corus Black MM cartridge, which was likely a Goldring manufactured cart.  It was great!  The stylus broke off after about 8 years use. 

I was wondering about the following but am open to all recommendations: 

Clearaudio Maestro (yikes! It's $1200)
Ortofon 2m Black
Goldring carts similar to Corus
Audio Technica AT150MLX

Any insight and recommendations will be super appreciated!

PS:   Sequel 40 mk2 MM Phono pre-amp is the device specifically suited for most types of Moving Magnet cartridges, with an output between 3.5 to 5mV and a matching impedance of 47k Ohms.
Thanks Rauliruegas.  I am pleased that you agree with my post.  

I still vote joke.  I like to give the benefit of doubt.  Besides, ignorance is too harsh a word.

Dear P.: Unfortunatelly all of us have an ignorance level, diferent on each one of us. Ignorance is something that we unknow for sure something that we have no experiences about. Ignorance is the non existence of any king of knowledge in an audio subject or that our knowledge about is just wrong or because we have a misunderstood on the subject. Ignorance is not an insult per se but a fact for any one of us.
No one has the right answers for everything in audio.

I really hope that Don can return here and chime on its post maybe we are ignorant of something, who knows?.

I'm willing to learn every single day of my life and better if I'm wrong in some audio subject.

Regards and enjoy the music,
The "short list" in your post included the Clearaudio Maestro v2 Ebony, which is a stellar choice. I owned one for nearly a year and passed it along to my son when I upgraded to another cart that sells for about 3X the price. Interestingly, there was no dramatic improvement, which led me to conclude that the CA Maestro is a bargain that offers a very high price-to-performance ratio. A number of audio mags have given high marks to the Maestro, so if you can get a loaner to audition in your system, I think you'll like it very much.

For comparison purposes, you might look at my virtual system for details about my analog front end. The name of my virtual system is "Scott's penultimate system".
There are a lot of vintage options out there for you, for which very high quality new stylii are available. There have been a lot of positive reviews written over the years about Shure MM cartridges and JICO stylii, for good reason. It took a $1000 MC cartridge to trump my V15/JICO combination. By the way, I found the Shure M97xe/JICO to be as good as the V15.

@ anna,

You shouldn’t tell people that cartridges are too expensive for he OP, The Op has decided what He/She is willing to spend. I find the cartridge plays a critical in the sound quality . There is nothing wrong with a lower priced cart. in your response.

I find the VPI high output 20X that allows the use of MM carts. I own one of those as well, a GoldRing 1042 (ithink) could be the 1022 or 1201 provided with my other table a Music Hall MMF-25. The SQs from each is very distinct..

It depends on the OPs choice in SQ.

The OP will have to make the choice.

Again the Dynector 20X high output that still retains the precision and detail retrieving fabulous and wonderful to my ears. I also prefer detail, and own Focal Electras   Sound is scary good, clean as possible holographic imagining  in  and sensitive 

The Goldring MM with warmth and beautiful tone.with  excellent PRAT.