Need opinion on HT purschase

Currently I have some 802D with HTM4S and 805's i am using in a 7.1 system. I am in need of a significant upgrade on the electronics and power amp. I am considering the following option: The cost is almost the same for all... but there are some clear differences... what are the thoughts?

Macintosh option 1:
Pre MX-136
Surround Power C,SR,SL,BR,BL MC207
Main Power L&R MA402

Classe Option 2:
Pre SSP-800
Surround Power CA5100
Main Power L&R CA5200 amp

Classe option 3:
Pre SSP-600
Surround Power CA5200
Main Power L&R MA400

Mixed option 4:
Pre Marantz AV8003 or Integra dhc80.1
Surround Power CA5200
Main Power L&R MA400
thanks if I go with option two i am concerned about having enough amps... I am leaning toward option 4, but hesitant regarding the sound quality of the marantz pre... any thoughts
I have pretty much the exact same speakers as you in a 5.1 setup, and have been using a McCormack DNA 5-channel amp with satisfaction. I was also considering some of the same processors as an upgrade from my old Rotel RSP-1066, but looking to spend no more than $7,000. My narrowed down choices were the Classe SSP800, Arcam AV888, Integra DHC 80.1, Anthem AVM50v, and Marantz AV8003, but I decided to order the Arcam AV888. I'll let you know my thoughts once I get it calibrated and fired-up in my theater room.
Option 2, except 2 5200's, bridge the LCR, Sound will be more even accross the front and the 802D will be much more alive!! 200 watts for the 802D's are to ineffcient for that speaker. Bridging will give you almost 400 watts.
WOW !!! You guys are making this decision difficult. I love all the comments... they are exactly the tradeoff that i have been considering. The Mac retained value and classic sound and look. The matching the front speakers with 2 ca5200 will be more uniform... and potential issues with the preamp sound quality. this is a tough decision, however i almost feel like i can't go wrong with almost any choice other then perhaps spend a little more then i need to.