Need Opinion on NAD 2700 amplifier

Considering moving up from my NAD 3020i / 3225PE by adding a NAD 2700 (150 watts per channel into 8 ohms) as the power amplifier. The current setup
has the two integrated amplifiers biamp powering a pair of Energy Reference Connoisseur 30s. Until I find a second 2700, the 2700 will drive the low and the 3225PE will drive the high. Ideal woud be upgrading to 4 bridged 2700 amps fed from a nice Yamaha preamp into RC 70s, but this will have to do in the meantime. 
Owned a NAD 2600a amp when they first came out. It was a decent amp that drove my Magnepans just fine. For a two channel setup I’m not sure why you need two, let alone bridging four 2700 amps. Not sure what you’re budget is but I’d just buy one better amp. For what you’re going to end up spending on these old amps I think you can do better with one amp. Sounds like you want power so I’d look at an older Aragon 4004 or 8008 or I’d suggest looking for newer used Parasound A21 which will be a much nicer sounding amp and probably drive your Energy’s without any problems to very loud levels if that’s your thing.
Picked it up with a NAD monitor 1600 preamp/tuner and a couple nice cassette decks for $80 (or about $60 in US currency), looks like this gear just came off the production line it is so clean and scratch-free. The idea of running two 2700s to bi-amp my speakers is as far as I would want to take this, after all it is rated at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Four of those babies bridged would be dangerous in a lot of ways, and way overkill, after all I’m not a pimply faced teenager blasting mc rapper on a subwoofer in the trunk of a rusted out beater. 
I bet the one 2700A will get the job done just fine. Sorry... I thought your original post mentioned your ideal plan would be four bridged 2700’s. Sounds like you did well on your purchase. 

I deleted the front potentiometers and soft clip circuit switch on the back out of the circuit which really cleaned up my 2600A; I also added a IEC power receptacle and changed out the binding post. It changed it from a NAD to a Go-Nad we used to say. I actually did a lot more to my 2600 as far as cap replacements and bypass caps and etc. back when I was pimply face kid - good times.

Have Fun.