Need opinions on duping CD's

I'm not too tech savy so forgive my question if it's answer is obvious.
I'm making a best of Beatles CD from the Re-mastered Stereo and Mono CD sets.
I'm using a two drawer Harmon Kardon CDR20.
My question is: Am I recording a perfect dupe as far as sound quality, or am I being limitedby the HK's dac? If so, what's a better way? I have high end CD Players I could use.
I've always used computer drives and Nero to 'copy cd', quick copy. I cannot tell, copies of a great cd sound great. I recently made 4 copies of very familiar music to compare two players, moved orig here, copy there, all the same.
Thanks Mahler123 for answering my question.The dupe sounds incredible. I did an A/B listen test and my oldears couldn't tell the difference.

  I had burned many CDs using one of those machines in the nineties and was almost always of the opinion that the copy sounded superior when played back on my regular system.  That machine died and then I used an Apple Computer to make copies and then I thought the results were more variable, but that might have had something to do with the I tunes software.
   There are endless debates here as to whether CDs sound better when played from a transport or when burned to to a HD and then played back from either a dedicated streamer or a PC.  It is a variation on the question that you are asking, which is how can Digital copy sound better than the original?  There are a lot of theoretical reasons as to why a copy might sound better, and they tend to come down to the copies may have less jitter.  Personally, I think it depends on the quality of the playback equipment.  A really good transport -DAC combination can best a good streamer, or vice versa.  Just my two cents
Yes, burning a bit perfect copy of a CD to a CD-R can sound different than the original. There are several factors that go into it. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend you read the Genesis paper on burning black CD-Rs (see link). Even if you have no intention of using black CD-Rs, there is a lot of good information on burning discs in general.

Last I checked, there are 3 versions of that paper. Gary Leonard Koh released new versions as he did more research. A quick Google search and you can find the other versions.
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