Need preamp recommendation

I am in need of a new pre-amp that has a phono stage for a Music Hall turntable and a DAC that can support connection to my Sonos system and my digitized CD collection that was ripped in uncompressed format.  

Amp is a Proceed LX-5 (only using 2 channels) and speakers are B&W Silver Signature Sevens.   Was looking at a used Mark Levinson 526 but can't find one in my price range.  Would like to keep the cost in the $5K - $7K range.  Thank you in advance. 
I recently got a new McIntosh 123 and it ticks your boxes phono stage, all the streaming capabilities DSD and excellent DACs too ! I caught a 3 day returned open box at low end of your px range. Marantz has a similar unit at half of Mc but not has refined sound reproduction imo.
Look at Modwright.  Dan makes a unit that would have everything on your want list.  The Modwright stuff sounds fantastic and NO ONE stands behind their stuff better than Dan Wright.  I have had 3 of his CD/SACD players and still own the MW Sony 5400 Signature Truth.  


This is a bargain and will do exactly what you’re looking for and more for a lot less than what you’re looking to spend - on sale till the end of this month.

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Thank you for your time!

I have a Bryston 17b3 which is rated class A in Stereophile. It sounds well it almost has no sound at all. Very quiet.