Need preamp recommendation

Hi everyone :)

I am in the market for a 2-ch preamp to go with my power amp, and am looking for some recomendations. Will prob go used, as I think I can get more value for my money. I would like to limit the sale price @ $4k.

Do I want this?:

Maybe something else?

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for all of the great suggestions! I had no idea
that there would be so many good options.

So, this morning I decided to go with a brand new decware ZTPRE. I called this morning, to see what the lead time is - four months. Holy holy!

I now have my eye on a previously recommended Rotel RC-1570. Brad new, it’s 1k, as oppposed to 3k for the ZTPRE. I know that price does not dictate sound quality, but I am also of the mindset that you get what you pay for.

Then I found this:

but I cant seem to find these people to see if the Rumba is still avail.

Ahhhh....choices, choices.....


He's a member on the AudioShark forum and the gear was for sale there at one point.
Perhaps a better way to go would be to tell us what you have had for a pre and what you like/dislike or are searching for??

what is the one detail that you eoyld like to hear from a new pre?  Soundstage, liveliness, more cow bell, mid bass?  We might be able to help with the right I do.  I have owned a dozen tubed and SS pres in the last 10 years and need your help to make a recommendation.

I own a Conrad Johnson PV-12

"what is the one detail that you eoyld like to hear from a new pre? "

Impossible to answer.