Need preamp recommendation

Hi everyone :)

I am in the market for a 2-ch preamp to go with my power amp, and am looking for some recomendations. Will prob go used, as I think I can get more value for my money. I would like to limit the sale price @ $4k.

Do I want this?:

Maybe something else?

Thanks in advance.


I own a Conrad Johnson PV-12

"what is the one detail that you eoyld like to hear from a new pre? "

Impossible to answer.


Sanders sound preamp!
comes with.a selective phono section.

 The most straightwire w gain you can ever buy.

she is amazing.

 Warranty best in the business!
So, I wound up buying a Backert Labs Rhumba Extreme 1.2 - picked it up for 3k. Should be arriving next week... very excited. Thanks for the input everyone!
@riffwraith - Congrats on the Backert preamp! You will love it!  Keep us posted on how it plays for you, and your thoughts about it!
@riffwraith, Congratulations on the new acquisition!
You will be amazed by this preamp.
I remember discussing with @1markr and @chilehed on this preamp. You can see this preamp in our systems. I am thrilled and amazed to this day every time I play music on my system. The best part is you can "tune" it to your liking by changing the tunes.
Would love to hear from you once you get it in your system. Do keep us posted!