Need preamp recommendations for a Dynakit ST-35.

I'll be building a Dynakit ST-35 soon and I need to find a good preamp match.  A few I've been looking at are a Cary Audio SLP-94, Tubes4HiFi SP13 and SP14 and a few Rogue Audio offerings.  I figure I'd ask the collective experts who know more about the ST-35 than I do.  I've never heard one before but I'm jumping in and building one based on decades of admiration from enthusiasts.  

My speakers are Omega Super 3 XRS HO (two drivers per speaker), 98db sensitivity, 4-6 ohm.  DAC is a Chord Qutest.  Streamer is an iFi Zen Stream.



I am a very happy owner of a preamp and amplifier from Aric Audio. I reccomend you check Aric out online then if interested give Aric a call. You will benefit from the experience whether you go with one of his products or not. 

I have the 3xrs HO and love them! If that amp has plenty of gain I would go with an autoformer passive pre. 

why not build an SP1# kit to match?


that said where did you find a Cary SLP94 that's a killer preamp for the era (no remote though). i used to have one and still miss it. they are rare as well.

better than the offerings from Tubes4hifi IMO. I have Tubes4hifi MK4 mono's (ST-70 in 2 chassis) they are little bit noisy on my 105db horns couldn't use them unfortunately.