Need preamp recommendations for a Dynakit ST-35.

I'll be building a Dynakit ST-35 soon and I need to find a good preamp match.  A few I've been looking at are a Cary Audio SLP-94, Tubes4HiFi SP13 and SP14 and a few Rogue Audio offerings.  I figure I'd ask the collective experts who know more about the ST-35 than I do.  I've never heard one before but I'm jumping in and building one based on decades of admiration from enthusiasts.  

My speakers are Omega Super 3 XRS HO (two drivers per speaker), 98db sensitivity, 4-6 ohm.  DAC is a Chord Qutest.  Streamer is an iFi Zen Stream.



I have the 3xrs HO and love them! If that amp has plenty of gain I would go with an autoformer passive pre. 

why not build an SP1# kit to match?


that said where did you find a Cary SLP94 that's a killer preamp for the era (no remote though). i used to have one and still miss it. they are rare as well.

better than the offerings from Tubes4hifi IMO. I have Tubes4hifi MK4 mono's (ST-70 in 2 chassis) they are little bit noisy on my 105db horns couldn't use them unfortunately. 

Thanks for the replies. I have a friend with the Cary which he’s not using so it’s an option. 

Who makes the SP1 preamp kit?

jmolsberg, who makes that style preamp?  I’ll look out for one. 

Have you looked into the  Transcendent Sound      
Vacuum Tube OTL Audio Amp Kits

The Slider

A True Innovation In Tube Technology
Variable Gain Preamp with Phono Stage
Zero Feedback Design

The ability to match the gain of the preamp to a tube amplifier will provide an improved overall sound.