Need recommendation for amplifier

One of my NuForce monoblock amplifiers seems to be irreparable.  I need to get a new amplifier.
 I’m looking in the one to two thousand dollar range, new or used.
Any recommendations for a decent amplifier in that price category?

As you can see from the above post, the brightness did not go away.
A deal breaker for me.
The NuForce sta 200 has none of that brightness.  It just doesn’t have quite the level of definition as my old NuForce. Otherwise I would have kept it.
However, I regard it as a terrific unit, regardless of price.
Rvpiano thank you really for your honesty, my speakers have a small tendency to bright so the red dragon is out of my list. might help you, my other options are the parasound a23,  nuprime St 10,  job 225, maybe  Odyssey (reliable issues I have read)
I ran 27 other ss amps against the Belles over 8 months
using a CJ ARC and a VTL preamps
In the end it was an easy choice I bought the Belles
 The used Belles 350 will easily win over Red Dragons amps.
There is nothing wrong w dragons in any section of the bass-mid or treble but its just that after 45 min of listening you will want to walk the dog or
check the.e mail unattached analyzing instead of listening where a normal amp like the Belles
 pulls you deep into the music and you want to keep playing.
If in the Jersey area loaner units available
 Best JohnnyR