Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000

Hey All !

Ok, so with wife is good with spending about $1K on a pair of speakers.

I'm not sure of the preamp yet but the amp will most likely be an Adcom GFA-545 not the 545II.

I now have an older pair of Dayton Wright LCM-1's which are more suited to a smaller room.

The new speakers will be in the living room connected to the Adcom and also a signal fed from the TV but I don't want a multi-speaker system. Stereo is fine and if they sound good to me with music the wife will be happy with the TV sound. She just wants them to look good and not have a lot of wires hanging around. We'll be listening to vinyl, CD's, Lossless, FM and possibly music fed through Apple or AT&T fiber optic TV setup.

The living room is 19' w X  29' d with a 12' ceiling, hardwood oak flooring and 4 - 6' tall windows on one wall. The other side wall is open to a long entrance way and 2/3 of the far side is open to the kitchen are.

I thought about a used pair of Klipsch Hersey's but I keep reading comments that they are too outdated compared to advances in audio over the last few decades.

So for around $1K what are some good choices. I'm OK with used.

Thank you !



I'm considering Danny's X-LS Encore.

He is like a baptist minister for speakers.
I’m out.

I would recommend picking and purchasing your preamp first but please check local auctions near you for speakers. Depending on where you live there might be a nice set of speakers from a audiophile collector wanting a local sale because he or she is reluctant to ship.

Let us know what you end up getting and what your thoughts are on them. 


I’d look at a pair of Tekton Design Lore Reference speakers. I’ve had mine for over a year and love them. 96 db sensitivity.