Need recommendations for a streamer

I would like to upgrade from a Bluesound Node to a higher quality streamer.


The Node sounds fine with my current system, but I am making a second system for my wife, and the Node is going to that new system. I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade my streamer at this time.


My criteria are that it be a streamer only (no DAC/storage/CD player, etc), be able to hook into wi-fi/cloud without a physical wire/connection, have balanced outputs to go to my DAC, and cost less than 2,500 USD. Can anybody think of a streamer that fits this bill?


The rest of my system:

DAC: Terminator II

Preamp: Schiit Freya+

Amps: PS Audio M1200 x 2

Speakers: Thiel CS 2.3




OK I don't get it... I don't get power cables either but I'm wrong again.  I've been using WIFI to my fanless PC streamer and have had a plugin access point for years with an ethernet port so to hook it up I just had to dig up a long enough ethernet cable and try it.... and dang it sounds better than WIFI.  It's WIFI to the extender WTF???  The only thing I can figure is the ethernet port is on a different bus than the WIFI port and it lowers the noise floor.

Thanks GH!

Just buy an iFi Zen. Better AND cheaper.

Look at all the users that left Aurrender cuz of bugs.

Do you feel lucky?

Ethernet is more solid than wifi will ever be.

Are you on another planet? There is no such thing as balanced digital. It makes your post senseless.

What streamer has balanced out to a DAC? 

Are you using a streaming service or?

I would hope that you compare the Node with the much more expensive streamers, especially if you're sending the signal out to a good DAC. You could save thousands if you don't hear a difference.