Need recommendations for a streamer

I would like to upgrade from a Bluesound Node to a higher quality streamer.


The Node sounds fine with my current system, but I am making a second system for my wife, and the Node is going to that new system. I thought I would take the opportunity to upgrade my streamer at this time.


My criteria are that it be a streamer only (no DAC/storage/CD player, etc), be able to hook into wi-fi/cloud without a physical wire/connection, have balanced outputs to go to my DAC, and cost less than 2,500 USD. Can anybody think of a streamer that fits this bill?


The rest of my system:

DAC: Terminator II

Preamp: Schiit Freya+

Amps: PS Audio M1200 x 2

Speakers: Thiel CS 2.3




AURALiC Aries G1 is wireless, has AES/EBU (balanced) output and used costs less than $2500.

But….you can get a WiFi access point and wire a non-WiFi streamer. Now you have many more options to consider. I use EERO access point to wire my network player. It’s no big deal.

I don't understand what OP means by 'balanced output' into a DAC. Also, why are you excluding streamers with good DACs? You can always bypass it if need be.

If the OP can loosen some of the requirements, Hifi Rose RS250 is a good option that has built-in wifi. There are a number of folks on audiogon who have purchased this streamer and are quite happy with the performance. However, it does have a built-in DAC.

Another great option is Innuos Zen MK3. It doesn't support wireless, but as audphile1 mentioned, there are ways around it. I also have a Terminator II and it is paired with Innuos Zen's bigger brother -- Innuos Zenith MK3. I love this combo!