Need recommendations for inexpensive power cord

I’ve never used after market power cords and am considering buying a couple.  I have some questions:

Considering the astronomical price power cords go for, is there any point getting one or two in a lower price range?
At what price point do power cords start to make a difference in your system?
I have two monoblock NuForce class D 160 watt amps.  Is this where they should go? 
Can someone recommend an inexpensive power cord that can make a difference?

PS audio Power Punch since discontinued beats my more expensive Audioquest NRG 10 and Nordost Brahma cords on the class d W4S ST 500.  The Pangea cords were not even close.
The Power Punch cord is also my choice on my BAT VK 55 which draws a lot of triode class A power.
I think Cullen may have made the PS cords so that may be a good source for a new cord.  
Actually no, I just looked at the box.  It is listed as a xStream Power Punch engineered in Boulder Colorado and made in China.  I paid 40.00 on a close out sale.
If you can find a pair of these, I think you would be impressed.
I've had great results with oyaide tunami cable & neotech (neotec?) connectors. You can assemble a 6' power cord for less tan $200. I buy the wire from Chris at VH audio & the connectors from Parts Connexion. They do take a couple hundred hours to fully break in though. 
Transparent makes some very good inexpensive cords, often overlooked due to their super expensive stuff...
What is consider expensive and what is cheap cost wise?  The Cable Co. could be a good place to look. Audio Advisor has cheap priced after mark cables. I do not know if they are worth it, but you could try.
Enjoy Pete