Need recommendations on 15ft speaker cables


I find myself ina situation where I need around 15ft cable pair. Currently I have blue jean Rca cables running. I have upgraded all the other cables and this is the final frontier. Online it is pretty tricky to find used cables of this length.. I see transparent reference cables mostly, which I learned are custom tuned for specific gear.. 

Looking for suggestions from the community on options that will provide SQ upgrade in my situation through speaker cable change..



Audio Advisor has several different Audioquest speaker cables in balk. I bought a set that they made, using the Rocket 88 cable and decent banana plugs for a lot less then AQ charges. The biggest difference is they don’t come with the battery pack. I’m betting that they will make a set speaker cables any length you want.

All the best.

I like SR's offerings. 

I agree that you probably want to stick with copper as silver will probably sound a little harsh with your speakers.

Check out and see what they have in stock....they usually have a pretty good selection of upper-end stuff.

Try the Canare 4S11 linked above.

Two of the 15 foot runs will be  around $140 from Amazon.

I used it (bulk cable) for 3 months and can recommend  it.

It's s PITA to strip so go with the ready made cables.




IME in over 50 years at this, the best speaker cable and best deal, by far, are Silversmith Fideliums. 15’ is long but 2 meters of Fideliums are $1200.

They replaced $6K in my system that are now relatively junk.

They have some amazing reviews including Greg Weaver’s YouTube who says they are the “Product of the Century”!