Need recommendations to replace ARC VT100 MkII

Looking to get an amp that is a bit easier to maintain. Also possibly looking to downsize/simplify:
I am considering two different approaches.
1: Sell both the VT100 MkII and my preamp (ARC SP3c) and replace with an integrated tube amp; choices would be
A. ARC VSi60. (Used), or
B. Primaluna dialog premium integrated
2: Keep the preamp and get a new power amp; choices would be
A. First Watt F6
B. Liberty Audio B2B-100
C. Primaluna dialog premium power amp

My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagio.
Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
What is your range? I've seen the Ayre AX7e for around 1700 shipped (used). That's an integrated and the sound has beaten any integrated I've head it up against in stores etc...
My range is the value of my VT100 plus maybe $1k. Looks like Ayre is in my price range. I will put it on my list. Thanks, Matt
If you like the way your ARC sounds, I would just get an ARC integrated amp. That being said, you will not get the same bass impact that you currently get on the VT100mkII. The SP-3C is a superb preamp and I would think twice about replacing it. I would suggest a newer ARC stereo amp and keeping the SP3C.
"10-04-14: Mabonn
The DC balance adjustments are somewhat of a pain. I love the tube sound, but the VT100 MkII is not particularly user friendly.
ZD542, what would you recommend for a preamp?"

It all depends on what you like and how much you have to spend. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that picking the right preamp is extremely important. Its usually the one piece that makes or breaks the system. If you are not opposed to SS, an Ayre K-5 is a great choice. If you want to stay with tubes, maybe a better ARC or BAT. BAT works very well with ARC. Either way, make sure whatever you get is fully balanced. If you read through some of the threads, you'll find that quite a few people have issues mixing ARC products with single ended components. How does the VT-100 drive your speakers? The combo should sound pretty good.
Rogue can be a great choice for tubes as can the Quicksilver gear. I personally just switched after hearing the Ayre gear. It just gave me the best of all worlds as I don't want to roll tubes and I'm sick of taking care of them (that's just me). Personally, I felt the AX7e sounded better than most of the used Ayre stuff, plus it's smaller and needs one less cable. I too loved the sound of the AR integrated. The 100 I believe it was, but why get rid of your VT 100 just to go back to the same type of thing? Are you able to get to any stores to listen to see what they have to offer you? You may find a store that has great used gear too as most do and there you can figure out what sounds best with your gear. Just a thought.