Need repair for a Yamaha CR-1000

I'm located in the Atlanta area. If anyone could recommend a local shop I'd prefer it, but will ship if necessary.
who specializes in repairing and restoring vintage Yamaha gear.

I believe he stocks many original parts, and is aware of tweaks and upgrades to enhance reliability.

His prices are extremely reasonable... he does this more for the love of restoring these beauties than for making tons of money.

You can find him by searching the forums (member lookup, or just post).

He's located in Maryland.

I live in California, and don't think twice about shipping my Yammies off to him - he's worth it!
i highly recommend audiogon member EZEKIEL. he is located in east tennessee near knoxville. you will not be disappointed.
the "vintage Yamaha guru".

His name is Rob.

You can find him through

I collect vintage Yamaha receivers and use him exclusively.