Need replacement woofers for my ProAc Response Twos

I just got word that UPS destroyed my ProAc Response Two woofers that were sent to Millersound for re-foaming, so I'm desperate for finding replacement woofers. Does anyone have any suggestions?


ScsnSpeak does not sell to consumers directly  - only to distributors and OEM customers.  Your Email will most likely be forwarded to Madisound who will in turn reply to you.  FWIW  I do have one 18W8543 which is the clear poly cone / rubber surround 18 cm woofer. 

Best of luck 


Did you get replacement woofers? This unit was discontinued some time ago. seems to have some in stock :) 
good luck
I'll give it a try, thanks!!

I got a quote from ProAc in the U.K. for the exact woofer, it was going to be about $750 US for a pair with shipping.  That's a beyond my budget at the moment.

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Her are the Theil and Small parameters of the driver, copy them and send them to OEM driver manufacturers and ask if they have something very close.
Or go the original $750 ones from Proac, UPS should cover the cost if Millersound backs you.

These could also still be available

Cheers George