Need some advise please on a 30 year old system

My father was an avid audiophile and passed away about 15 years ago.  His system included Infinity IRS Beta Speakers, Classe Audio DR-9 Amps, Linn Sondek LP 12 Turntable, Maestro audio cables, Sprectral DMC 10 Preamp and a lot of other extras.  Around 8 years ago we sold the home and I put things in storage.  It was my dad's pride and joy and hate to see it stripped for parts.  It's in great shape but hasn't been turned on in years.  I've come to the realization that I don't want to keep it and I'd appreciate some suggestions on what to do with it.  Thank you
You said, you don`t have time/money/knowledge to restore the system. If you think money, it`s still better to restore and sell then just sell it is. It`s going to be a good chance to someone to cash out, once everything properly set. I would talk someone who is able to help. We are just guessing but noone how much would be to restore. Maybe a few bucks and labour or an arm. Who knows. Even if I would sell it I want to know what it`s worth. Now it`s a mistery box to someone lucky to make a deal. He is going to make a pre-deal and a better one in person. How good it is gonna turn out for you only depends on the buyers good heart. It`s hard to refuse an offer in person especially for something you want to sell, and don`t know the value. There are endless stories finding old cars in the shade...
I would take it to a reputable dealer and have him sell the pieces on consignment or you.
I agree to find a reputable dealer who can repair and sell the equipment on Consignment.
This level equipment will not be stripped for parts.  It was great when it was purchased and with some care is still excellent.  Many on this forum believe that your father's equipment has really not been surpassed today. If you are in the Northeast I know a very reputable used audio business that could take this on. I wish you well knowing how important this is to you and your father's legacy.