Need some advising

I recently was able to obtain a pair of Klipsch Chorus 2 speakers. I am running them with a Hafler Trans/Nova amp and a passive preamp. I kind of want to experiment with something different, but kind of cheap. I was thinking Creek 4330SE might be nice I have no aversion to older 15 years or so year old equipment. Let me know what you fellows think?????

Why don't you take a look at Virtue Audio's Amp One.
Fantastic little amp. Showstopper at RMAF.
I definitely like Stanwal's suggestion about a restored classic tube amp or receiver from Mapleshade.
Thanks for all the responses I am going to look at Mapleshade and some other tube stuff.

Thanks Again
Mapleshade stuff is nice but wayyy pricey. New Jolida or ASL goes for less.
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