need some suggestions for Acoustics Blues

What are your favorite artists/recodings for acoustic Blues besides Muddy Waters MSFL "Folk Singer" and Buddy Guy "Alone and acoustics" (got them already)? Dont you just love the sound of acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocal sound of the human soul/spirit? Any suggestion is appreciated...
Lots of good suggestions so far that I don't have to mention, and I didn't read all of the lists, but......
- Otis Taylor on Northern Blues or Telarc labels.
- any Harry Manx on Northern Blues, and also with Kevin Breit in "Jubilee"
- Somebody already mentioned Guy Davis on Red House Records, but on the same label: Paul Geremia, Koerner Ray & Glover.
- Chris Smither and John Hammond.
- "Memphis BBQ Sessions" with Kim Wilson and Big Jack Johnson, on MC Records. It was nominated for a Handy Award.
I've got a million of them...
Correction: Big Jack Johnson & Kim Wilson's "Memphis BBQ Sessions" WON the WC Handy Award for Best Acoustic Blues album in 2003. :-)
Check out John Hammond. He is a true acoustic blues artist. Fantastic guitarist, great blues voice, and plays a pretty mean harp also. Lots to choose from but "Got Love If You Want It" is one of my favorites.