Need speaker advice


I'm looking for a new pair of speakers. The reason for this is that I find my Tannoy Legacy Eaton a little too difficult to drive for my 2x12w Audion Audio Sterling. I also feel that the Tannoys are a little too relaxed and a little rolled off.

One problem with brands like Tekton and nsmt is that I live in Sweden and I do not have the opportunity to listen to them (which I assume is the same problem in the US) and to send them back if I don't like them is not financially defensible. To take a chance on one of these brands I really have to be sure that they are what I’m looking for. I don’t think this will happend.

I heard Klipsch Heresey III which I didn't like. To my taste, they were too much on my face and too harsh. Could have been the room and/or the amplifier and/or ...?

I listen to all kinds of music, from progressive rock to classical music.
My listening position is 6.6 feet from the speakers.
My budget is aprox $ 7,200.

Any suggestions?

I agree about the looks of the Tektons. I feel the same way about Maggie’s. But I love the sound of both. Dali speakers are made close by. They came out with a black edition with 6” drivers. Only 400 pairs were made for the us. Their sensitivity is 90db. Maybe this would be good enough. I would break them in on a stronger amp for a few weeks to get the drivers really loose. You are a few miles away from my favorite store in the states.
But these and maybe another models would be a great option. 
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I love SET too, and have used SETs that produce from 1 to 14 watts output. I have a pair of Tannoy Cheviot - so I understand your feeling of Tannoy Eaton :-)

What I use now is a pair of Sonus Faber FM2 speakers with a 2A3 SET (3watt output) - the sound is superb, at least for vocal, solo piano, and chamber music that I usually listen to.

I did have a Pass XA25. I decided to pair FM2 speakers with my 2A3 SET at the end and sold my XA25.

Sweet little amp. Since you are sitting close to it you might like the ProAc Tablet it is said to do well with low watt amplifiers. I had heard good things about the Larsen speakers and thought they had one that didn't need lots of power.