Need speaker advice


I'm looking for a new pair of speakers. The reason for this is that I find my Tannoy Legacy Eaton a little too difficult to drive for my 2x12w Audion Audio Sterling. I also feel that the Tannoys are a little too relaxed and a little rolled off.

One problem with brands like Tekton and nsmt is that I live in Sweden and I do not have the opportunity to listen to them (which I assume is the same problem in the US) and to send them back if I don't like them is not financially defensible. To take a chance on one of these brands I really have to be sure that they are what I’m looking for. I don’t think this will happend.

I heard Klipsch Heresey III which I didn't like. To my taste, they were too much on my face and too harsh. Could have been the room and/or the amplifier and/or ...?

I listen to all kinds of music, from progressive rock to classical music.
My listening position is 6.6 feet from the speakers.
My budget is aprox $ 7,200.

Any suggestions?


Sweet little amp. Since you are sitting close to it you might like the ProAc Tablet it is said to do well with low watt amplifiers. I had heard good things about the Larsen speakers and thought they had one that didn't need lots of power. 
Zu audio dirty weekend mk 2.  Again like Tekton, it is a US brand but I think they would fit the bill.  I believe Zu and Tekton are similar in sound.  They are made in the same state, I read the owner's are friends, and I believe they have a similar philosophy, but zu spends more time on fit and finish(better looking imo than the tekton)   I have a pair of Zu's I believe they are 97db and 12 ohm. I run them with a Rogue tube integrated and they dont need much volume to sing.  Great rock speaker or any genre.  My only gripe is that even though they are detailed and voiced very well, the lowest bass octaves are lacking(better than most and detailed bass, but not the kind of bass that moves a lot of air.)  Think of them as huge bookshelf speakers.  If you have a rel, you could possibly get good full range for cheap. I upgraded to the clarity caps from zu and they are hard to pick apart.(Especially for $1200 US shipped) I didnt expect much from them but they always impress me when I hear them.  I know guys that run flea amps on them to (almost) concert levels.  Good luck!


These ”spider eyes” are the only thing that I think is likeable about Tekton speaters. Sorry. If it ends up with Tekton (The Perfect Set I think is the most interesting) it has to be with black finish. The black finish is the best looking. And I hate black speakers ;).

For Zu audio speakers, I have heard, subs are a must, which seems to me like buying an unfinished speaker. But I don’t know. Have never heard any and there are no dealers for Zu i Sweden.


I can’t find much on these speakers. Nowere to be found in Sweden to my knowlage.


I haven’t heard the new ones just the Heresy III. Forte IV looks very nice, but I don’t like that so many reviewers says that Klipsch Heresy, Forte and Cornwall are ”labeled” as a ”Rock speaker”. Some expressly say that these speakers are nothing for classical music. And I really like classical musik, as much as rock music. So…


I will probably sell the Tannoys (as my ATC SCM 19 v2) when I buy new ones.
Yes, I really wanted that the Klipsch sound would be my sound. The look very nice.


I like to roll tubes and have already more than I will live to wear out ;) But mostly pairs, not quads.


More ”exotic” speakers that I would love to have a chance to listen too, but...nowhere to be found in Sweden.


Another speaker brand I can’t find in Sweden. Unfortunatly.


90 dB is just one dB more sensitive, so…
”You are a few miles away from my favorite store in the states.” Is there a place in the US called Sweden? I know that many of your ancestors came from Sweden, but a place called Sweden in the US?

I’m from ”good old country of Sweden” in Europe :)


But isn’t Sonus Faber FM2 just a small stand mount at 84dB sensitivity?


To find a pair of Avalon Ascent within my budget would be hard. But I saw that they are not sensitive speakers, even if they are flat in their resistance they will be to hard to drive for 2x12w.


ProAc Tablet? They are rated at 86dB sensitivity, but their nominal impedance are stated to 10 ohms!!! They are very small stand mounts. Defenitly needs subs.


No dealer for Zu Audio in Sweden. But I know the dealer in Denmark where I bought Audio Audio also have Zu speakers. But it’s a long way to drive if I wanna audition them. I saw a you tube clip where they described a Zu speaker as having an A shaped sound profile. What they meant by that was that Zu speakers lacks bass and being rolled off in the treble. The medecine to that was to add a sub and have them toed in at the listener (if I remember correctly).


Dali speakers are to hard to drive with 2x12w.

When I was a dealer I had a number of monitor speakers and with the good ones I never felt the need for a sub woofer. I guess that is because I was very satisfied with the midrange which is where the music resides.