Need speaker cable

Hello everyone,

I am a regular reader of forum, but it’s my first post. I use odyssey cyclops integrated amp and Maggie 1.7i speakers. So far I have been using a Basic 12 gauge speaker wire. I am looking at buying a speaker cable and my budget is around $500. Please let me know your suggestions.
Acoustic Zen Satori...there are a couple used pairs available currently. Check out HiFiShark to see details (no, I'm not the one selling them, but I own a pair)...selling within your price range and are twice that price new. Very neutral and detailed. Good luck!
+5 for the Canare
If you’re looking for something above that, I’d try Verastarr. The owner, Mike, is a super great guy.
If you go for the Canare, I’d go through Blue Jeans cables, where you can get your choice of termination not soldered, but welded on. 
I use Straightwire. Great sounding, very reasonably priced product and great customer support.
I  still breaking them in, so the jury is still out, but so far, I am enjoying a pair of Morrow Audio SP6 cables.  List is $1000 for 2 meters, but regularly are on sale for 40-50% off.  60 day return option.
If you want some top notch cables for a very fair price. Please check out James Schmitt at:

I’ve bought several pairs of Speaker Cables and sets of interconnects from him and love them. Custom made and very high quality with numerous different types to choose from. You won’t be disappointed!